Our Approach

A holistic approach to business expansion: Our growth programs are designed to help Financial Advisors, RIAs, Asset Managers and Investment Advisors of all sizes grow their AUM.


Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with you and your team. We will listen to how you manage your business and suggest a few ideas and recommendations to foster growth and improve your success factors.


Choose A Growth Path

If you like what we do and think we can help make your business as well as your client’s lives better, we can partner with you in different ways.

Use our Freemium resources online and receive updates, commentary and research.

By going through our full Tidal Growth Assessment process we provide you with an array of insights, ideas and recommendations that are aimed to help you grow your business.

Let’s discuss how to become your ongoing partner for your growth


Refine Your Growth Plan

Every single one of our clients is on our progress monitoring program, making sure your firm continues on its intended growth path and that the Return on Investment stays on track.

Our Growth Program Process





Monitoring & Reporting

A deep dive into how you are positioned for success by analyzing and grading your business in more than 100 growth factors. The assessment will result in a Tidal Growth Score: a comprehensive measure of how well your firm is poised for growth.

Based on the initial assessment and your Tidal Growth Score, we work with you to design and develop your Tidal Growth Plan. This comprehensive plan consists of the key focus areas and actions required, timeline, budget, and milestone markers to grow your business while maximizing the return on your growth investment.

Once the Growth Plan is approved, we get into action and work on managing the implementation of the Tidal Growth Plan. With your budget in mind, we put in place all necessary execution processes and tools for you to reach your business goals.

Consistent monitoring and reporting of progress against key metrics enable you to track the performance of your Tidal Growth Plan and measure the return on your growth investment.